About Us

Our company is principally involved in vision care business as Eyewear Prescriptions, Contact Lens Prescriptions and Eyewear Accessories Retailing. For a facility way, we decided that to put our product online, and named our online store "My Eye Box Online". We are committed to provide fair pricing, and carry out business with the highest standards of integrity. 


我们公司主要从事眼镜护理业务,如眼镜处方、隐形眼镜处方和眼镜配件零售。为了方便我们的顾客,我们决定将一些货品放在网上售卖,并将我们的在线商店命名为“My Eye Box Online”。我们致力于提供公平的价格,并以最高的诚信标准开展业务。